This season, Dave takes on the TV promo voice world.


There’s an excitement and a familiarity that comes with hearing a  TV promo voice. How else would you know when the new season of Cobra Kai starts? If Laura Linney is going to run the Mexican Cartel from Missouri?  Who is the singer behind that mask, anyway?

Let’s be honest, Dave’s bread and butter is TV Narration and Unscripted Reality, but there are also quite a few clients who have found him for promo work and they’re trying to keep him a secret.

Stay tuned to find out if … they can keep it a secret for long.


Despite us living in a time of travel lockdowns, there’s one mode of transportation we can all still enjoy. Road trips in the family car. Well I suppose  that might depend on who all is going. Rick and his team at GyPSy Guide have developed some of the most in depth audio tours of North America’s national parks. Hours of listening to ME describe all the must-do stops  and every once in a while singing you an unnecessary song. By most reviews, I’m a pretty fun guy to travel with.

Without any classroom study of ecology, geology or animal husbandry that we know of, Dave has become the best loved guide in National Parks around North America. Good work Ranger Bob!


No one remember’s the voice over guys’ name.



You would be surprised how many industry people don’t know the answer. 

I kind of eluded to it up top, and the sample VO’s on this page are also a good clue. While a Commercial voice over sells a product or service, a promo voice over promotes a TV show or other program. Sure, everything gets “promoted” in one way or another, but that really is the distinction. TV promos typically have a short shelf life because they only run during the lead up to a series launch or episode. 

Promo voices come in all sounds and sizes. You’ll most likely think of them as big, movie trailer types of voices, but there are almost as many TV genres as there are voices. So while guys with the big, deep voices are what you might initially think of as the go-to voice for this kind of work, a quick trip through the dial will show you there are all sorts of in-demand talent.