There’s nothing better than fresh…except maybe passion.

The folks at SolarFlight Productions have put a ton of passion into this fresh video piece. It was great to be a part of the process for this TrueHarvest Farms commercial voice over project.

“Solar Flight Productions is founded on the idea that content creators can (and should) create content with extremely high standards. These standards should go beyond the beautiful imagery and great sound – they should extend to the actual content. It’s time for content that tackles the heartbreaking, touching, and hilarious without the need to stray into the perverse.

​What’s on screen is only half the story. From the scriptwriting process through to the last export of a film, we strive to set the standard for decency. On our sets (whether it be commercial, filmmaking, or a music video) we like to “keep our mouths as clean as our lenses.” Our crew is fantastic at bringing their very best attitudes and best behavior every time.

​Good Entertainment. Good People. We mean it.” ~SolarFlight Productions

Watch the TrueHarvest Farms commercial voice over video at:

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