Everything I want to write about my work in sports narration, commercials and everything else, sounds like an old cliché. A speech from a coach who I wouldn’t even have the audicity to name because you might think I’m trying to compare myself to them.

Instead, the words I’ll speak are for the courageous. The finishers. The people who get up early to do the work no one sees, so when they hit the field it looks like second nature. The fans who love their teams with everything they’ve got. And the agencies and producers who put their collaborative minds together to forge ideas that inspire. 

This page is dedicated to those people.


Fast cars, sticks, bikes, gloves, balls and nets. Dave’s covered pretty much every playing surface there is. OH… and puppies. Don’t forget the puppies.


Let’s be clear. Dave is no athlete. Sure he’s strong and he can swing an axe, but most of his fastball-throwing, slam-dunking, touchdown-catching days are behind him. But he sure has the ability to
inspire the next generation.

Hear for yourself.


Dave is probably best know for his TV narration work for docs and unscripted reality like Highway Thru Hell, Heavy Rescue 401 and the new Mud Mountain Haulers. His gritty, real sound is perfect for everything sports too. 


I asked Don Veinish of The Northern agency if would mind saying a few nice words. Next thing I know Albert Einstein is developing theories about my gravitational pull.  Don says it this way:


In my opinion, Dave is one of the two best male voice artists in Canada. Statistically it makes Dave one of the 20 best in the U.S., and most importantly, one of the 114 best in the world. But wait. Most don’t speak English.
So Dave is your guy. It’s math.


No calculators will be allowed during the test.