Honey and Gravel. Voice Over With A Southern Accent

Good old boy, Dave Pettitt. Isn’t he from Durham County? His folks have been there for ages, haven’t they? So… about that.  Dave does have that laid-back, friendly, good hearted nature you’d associate with the South.  While he has a darn
fine southern accent to go with it, well he’s about as southern as pair of new Birkenstocks. At
least they’re leather.

That doesn’t stop Dave from delivering a warm, regional sound to his work when a client asks for it. Sure, he can lay that southern accent on thick.

But when he gives you just a hint of that drawl, he sounds like he could be from almost anywhere they know how to smoke a brisket.  From anywhere porch swings creak in the breeze and cold sweet tea is waiting on the table. Just enough for you to say, “I like that guy. I bet he’d buy me a beer.”

And you’d be right.


Despite us living in a time of travel lockdowns, there’s one mode of transportation we can all still enjoy. Road trips in the family car. Well I suppose  that might depend on who all is going. Rick and his team at GuideAlong have developed some of the most in-depth audio tours of North America’s national parks. Yep, that’s right. Hours of listening to ME describe all the must-do stops , must-see sights, and every once in a while…singing you an unnecessary and thoroughly captivating song. By most reviews, I’m a pretty fun guy to travel with.

Without any classroom study of ecology, geology or animal husbandry that we know of, Dave has become the best loved guide in National Parks around North America. Good work Ranger Bob!


No one remembers the voice over guy’s name.