Christian and Gospel Radio Imaging is one of 8 new imaging demos recorded by Dave Pettitt and hosted at Big Fat Image Voice.

This demo has a positive uplifting sound to reach a family friendly oriented market. There’s lots of range, humour and great instincts for this radio genre.

Christian radio has grown by leaps and bounds over the last number of years, including broadcasting in Canada with AM 930 The Light in Edmonton launching in the mid 90’s.

Dave began his broadcasting career at The Light shortly after it went on the air. Later he went on to host the drive then the morning show on 88.9 Shine FM in Calgary.  Dave has deep roots in the Christian radio market and knows the value of a positive sound for a format that delivers family programming and Christian values.

Here are a few more samples of some the Imaging work Dave has done in the genre of Christian and Gospel radio imaging:

[audio:|titles=Christian Imaging Demo 2008|artists=Dave Pettitt]

Also… for fun. Here are few samples of the old Dave and Kelly Morning Show.

[audio:|titles=Wedding Album|artists=Dave and Kelly Morning Show] [audio:|titles=Van Extension Cord|artists=Dave and Kelly Morning Show]

If you’re in Christian radio, you know full well the budget is always FREE!!!! You better have some good resources and make them stretch. Dave and Kel wanted to have some fun morning show theme songs done. Toby Mac wanted $1…. NOPE…. over the budget. So they recorded them themselves. Here’s a couple of good laughs at there attempts.

[audio:|titles=Waistband Morning Show Song|artists=Dave and Kelly Morning Show] [audio:|titles=Cowboy Morning Show Song|artists=Dave and Kelly Morning Show]