Megaman (aka X) and his crew battle it out with Leader of the Replioids, Epsilon.

Here’s more from the master of the Villain Voiceover, Dave Pettitt:

In 22XX AD, a new substance known as Force Metal emerges from the debris of a small meteorite. Technology based on the metal revolutionized the field of Reploid Engineering.

Giga City, an purpose-built artificial island in the middle of an ocean, is utilized for the mining and smelting of Force Metal. Everything went well until a band of Reploids armed themselves. Then they launched a rebellion on the island.

The government branded its leader, Epsilon, a maverick.  They dispatched a Maverick Hunter team to Giga City to liberate Giga City from Epsilon’s grasp.

Then, as X and Zero travel to the ruins, a collapsed pillar separates them. X must then fight his way to a place where he and Zero are reunited. Upon reaching Epsilon’s destination, Shadow betrays the team.  Then,  Epsilon’s Cadre appears and knocks Zero away. As a result, X has no choice but to escape and gather a resistance team. They assist in defeating the minions of the Liberion army.


Dave has a wide range of voice over projects under his belt, and video games are a favourite.