Discovery Canada’s Number 1 Unscripted Reality Show for Almost a Decade.

A 50 thousand pound tractor-trailer falls 200 feet down an embankment. At lands, flipped over on its side in a glacial river. What voice do you hear in your head telling that story?

Dave delivers an edge of your seat performance with each new episode. He’s one of Discovery Channel’s most recognizable voices with Highway, it’s central Canada spin-off Heavy Rescue 401 and coming January 2021, an all new series, MUD MOUNTAIN HAULERS.


Neil Thomas  of Great Pacific Media was driving the Coquihalla Highway through BC’s Rocky Mountains when he came across the crew from Jamie Davis Towing. He marvelled at the skill and courage those guys had when it came to clearing a wreck off the main transport route from the coast to the rest of Canada. He thought, “This might make a good unscripted reality show.” A couple meetings later and the highest rated Discovery Canada show of the decade was born.  


Don’t let the giant Discovery voice fool you…Dave is one of the most diverse voice talents I’ve ever worked with. Amazing to direct –  he takes the most subtle note and ‘nails it.


Cheers my friend!



It’s about telling a story. Plain and simple. Dave is often the guy to tell the big, intense stories, but you can trust his instincts to bring a gentle warmth too. His work for Disney’s blu-ray extras on Oz the Great and Powerful and Frozen showcase that magical feel only the mouseketeers can bring. His rugged, no-nonsense style is perfect for sports progrmas like Quest for the Cup and Too Many Miracles. But his natural strength is in Unscripted Reality shows. 


When a client calls and says the word “Disney”, you set down your maragarita and listen very carefully. I was so thankful to hear from Jessica at EMC West. Her team has a reputation for producing wonderfully creative stories. To simply be considered for the narration for the blu-ray extras for Oz and Frozen was an honour.


Dave is very professional and great to work with. But most of all he is a kind and nice person to work with, which makes all the difference.


Let’s be honest. There isn’t a greater compliment in the world than being called “Kind”.