ELearning Voice Over - Dave Pettitt

When you’re looking for just the right ELearning voice over for your upcoming project, you’re looking for a voice that is compelling and clear. With a wide range of diverse ELearning projects behind him, Dave is an excellent choice for communicating your message to your audience.  Just have a listen!

Workplace - Health and Safety

by Dave Pettitt | Authoritative | Confident | Teaching

Workplace - Air Emissions

by Dave Pettitt | Informative | Easy to Follow

Tourism - GPS Guide

by Dave Pettitt | Conversational | Friendly

Medical - Technical Narration

by Dave Pettitt | Knowledgeable | Precise

Tourism - Interpretive Center

by Dave Pettitt | Story-Telling | Inspiring

Safety - Workplace Hazards

by Dave Pettitt | Story-Telling | Inspiring

What Makes
a Great ELearning Voice Over?


Narration is about clear and effective communication, and in ELearning projects, there are several key points that need to be considered. 

Special Delivery

Learner engagement and understanding is the end goal, so the voice over is a critical tool in achieving it. An effective narrator will understand the audience and be able to deliver the material to them in a conversational  and clear way. 
Friendly and professional. Compelling but relaxed.  

Tools of the Trade

In many cases, ELearning involves technical or industry terminology. A great narrator will have the ability to manage your project-specific terminology and vocabulary with an easy precision. 

Setting the Tone

The right narrative tone creates the right environment for learning. We know that the best learning happens when the learner is engaged, relaxed and immersed in the material.   So, a significant part of the narrator’s work is the creation of just that right environment.  Dave works closely with each client to fine-tune that environment.  A high-quality product is the result.

Your ELearning Voice Over

Whether he’s guiding you on a journey through America’s most beautiful National Parks or explaining the fine points of a groundbreaking new medical procedure. Training industrial employees on workplace safety measures or outlining the steps for correct equipment use…

Dave is the voice of ELearning.