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Oh and here… let me just put my email and phone number here so you have it handy.

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Dave Pettitt

ELearning Voice Over

While primarily his voice is known for his TV narration and national commercial work, Dave’s natural delivery makes him an easy choice for your next ELearning job too.


Brian Appleby is a client who makes me wish I still lived in Vancouver, and I live in the most beautiful place on the planet. I would fight West Georgia traffic to work with this guy. But wait… he always says my studio is fine. Just send me your best. Stop hanging out outside my window.


With Dave you get 3 things.
First, pipes that are a fit for any premium brand. Second, efficiency and responsiveness that will improve how you do business and save you money. And third, the joy of hearing a booming voice talent order beer in a restaurant.
Trust me, it’s hilarious.


Aren’t we drinking Phantom Creek these days?