This is the work voice actors get excited about. 

Not to say that voice over generally isn’t the best job in the world, but when commercials projects come up, you’re all like, “Damn! I love this job.” You get to showboat a little. Friends message you and say, was that you… YES! That was me! Am I the most famous person you know?

I have to think even big stars have a little of that dream-come-true syndrome. I used to be a landscaper and now I record national commercials from the studio in my house. (BTW… I still love landscaping.) 

In this voice over marathon I’m running, I’ve had a few bucket list commercial voice over jobs. They’re scattered all over this page. Don’t let a little thing like work stop you from listening to them all.


I don’t live in Winnipeg but I go as often as I can to see family. Churchill is on my absolute must-go to places before I die. Maybe my cousins will take me next time in town. But my absolute favourite place in all of the Friendly Province is a little house at the end of Westborne Street in Russell. About a stones throw from the Water Tower (or Water Towel as it was affectionately know from my childhood.


It’s the house my Grandad built back in the 1940’s. My dad tells the story about seeing him walk up that road with shiplap wood arcing over his shoulder touching the ground 12 feet in front and behind him. I’ve eaten a ton of pickerel and sour creme pie in that house. Picked peas from Grandma’s garden and pumped water from the well. Those are the feelings I bring to my recording sessions with Travel Manitoba. I want you to experience the polar bears and the northern lights, but I also want you to taste those peas. There’s nothing like’em.


Things feel more simple in Manitoba, but it’s the culturally diverse beating heart of Canada. Filled with good, strong people. If you get there, call my cousin Jen and ask her to take you to Nucci’s for gelato.


When 20 people show up to a session because someone promised them free sushi and beer, you know you’re in for a long one. That’s the time you want Libby in the studio. She keeps things moving along so the director and clients get what they want, the VO isn’t gasping for air and no one gets food poisoning because that sushi mayo has been sitting out all afternoon.


Dave’s voice speaks for itself – literally – but what sets him apart is his willingness to work with the client to get it right. He can deliver many variations on scripts and takes direction! We never have to worry about delivery of files – they always come to us right away and always high quality.


Man… now I wish I hadn’t taken the last piece of tuna.

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Building you Digital Mindset

Companies don’t leave their web strategies up to chance. Ever. That’s why recognizable brands turn to for everything from website development to their SEO and digital marketing. AE really is an all-encompassing solution for companies looking for results.


Dave has been voicing commercials for for a couple years now, shouting from the digital rooftops to businesses looking for a professional partner. No wonder companies like Dairy Queen, Weather Tech, the NYC Department of Education and even the Greenbay Packers count on American Eagle.


Phil from Studio RPD and I work fast. He calls and says “I have 5 spots and I need the VO for tomorrow”. I say, “they’re already in your inbox”. Phil says, “I haven’t even sent you the scripts yet”.  I reply, “mind blown, right?” He replies, “not really. Can you get it done?” I say, “sure… when do you need them?”


Dave brings all of the other intangibles beyond just providing a voice over…his flexibility, willingness to go the extra yard, and just making the process that much easier…a true professional.


That’s teamwork.