The Gregory Horror Show is definitely one of the stranger animated series you’ll ever see. More than fifty short animated pieces and one highly spooky video game are what it’s all about.

A wicked old rat is the caretaker of Gregory House. He loves toying with troubled hearts and is always mumbling something. Gregory is your narrator and guide into this macabre world of the Gregory Horror Show.

The show is a CG-animation horror-comedy program, set in an alternate dimension where the population is surreal and imaginative characters.  It is dominated by Gregory, the evil proprietor of Gregory House. On the surface, each inhabitant of this “hotel for lost souls” represents a universal and everyday fear. But even this appearance is camouflage — the bright plumage of insecurity to hide inner conflicts and subtlety of character.

Gregory acts as your guide and host into this macabre, wacky world of compiled short stories. Every plot-twisting ending will surprise you.

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