710 Bookstore and SalukiInfo.com

by Oct 15, 2008Character, Television Commercial

This is a completely different read style for Dave. His character and animation background come into play in this fun, British – y styled voiceover. So does his background in just making weird sounds and voices. It’s meant to sound educated. Not a role Dave is often asked to perform.

Students heading back to SIU (Southern Illinois University)  can now order their books online rather than waiting in long lineups at college bookstores. The 710 Bookstore was named the #1 Bookstore in Southern Illinois and has grown over the years to carry official school apparel and more.

Located right next to beautiful SIUC campus, 710 Book Store has been serving the students and faculty at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale for over 40 years.  A family owned business, we have expanded through the years to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. We now occupy 3/4 of the Southgate Shopping Center, located conveniently across from campus. Our products and services are geared to making a student’s life easier. Our Art and Engineering Department is the largest in Carbondale. We also offer a large selection of SIUC apparel, Official SIUC Textbooks, class materials, academicilly priced computer hardware, software, office equipment, alumni merchandise, and other academic-related products for the entire Southern Illinois region

This project was brilliantly produced by SiloSeven Films.