Join the ongoing adventures of developers at the “world’s worst video game studio.”Part animated show, part game, 3 out of 10 is the first playable sitcom…we think.

Before you play the video game, you watch the trailer. That’s where I come in.

Welcome to the world of 3 out of 10, a new playable sitcom about the World’s Worst Game Development Studio, from Terrible Posture Games, the developers of Tower of Guns and Mothergunship!

We are a developer with a penchant for fresh ideas in gaming. Founded by industry veteran Joe Mirabello, in 2014 we released Tower of Guns, one of the earliest FPS roguelite hybrids.

Terrible Posture Games

Yeah sure, playing video games is fun…but it’s wa-a-a-y more fun to play a character in a video game. And you’re gonna love this one. I sure do. Here’s a little taste of 3 out of 10 from Terrible Posture Games:

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